Kim’s Convenience


Neptune Theatre‘s newest production, Kim’s Convenience, boasts some successes while also playing host to a myriad of missteps. Penned by playwright Ins Choi, the audience is welcomed to watch a day in the life faced by so many immigrant families in our country. At the centre of this journey, we have Appa, the stern and stoic patriarch who operates his convenience store with steely purpose (a method also aptly reflected in his parenting style). Actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee portrays his Korean iron-fisted lead well; Appa is a mountain— both proud and stubborn— and he proceeds to obliviously blur the line between the two throughout the course of the play.

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Kim’s Convenience


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Theatre Cricket

Carey Bray is a Halifax author, painter, actor, director, and photographer. A graduate from Acadia University, he is an award-winning poet and freelancer. He enjoys movies, Canadian Fiction, and Batman. Twitter: @rabbatman Instagram: @abrayinthelife If interested in purchasing art, email Carey at All posted paintings are created by Carey Bray and potentially for sale upon request.

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